#Shoplocal – Canvas Candle Company+ Mossy Creek & Co.,Mission B.C.

#Shoplocal – Canvas Candle Company+ Mossy Creek & Co.,Mission B.C.

When I moved to Mission this summer the first thing I set out to find was where the shopping was. And by shopping I don't mean big box stores. I mean locally owned stores with real makers and stories behind them.Well, There isn't much but in a tiny town there is a few neat spots [...]

D.I.Y. Orange Cleaner

D.I.Y. Orange Cleaner

  I've always heard orange cleaners are the most environmental way to get your surroundings clean.Orange cleaners works well as degreaser also. And a huge bonus, they smell great. After developing a rash from a common household cleaner I  had  been using for many years. I decided to give this super simply D.I.Y. orange cleaner a [...]

Easy D.I.Y. Chalkboard Paint Labels

This weekend was particularly rainy. And I decided to finish a few projects which have sort of fallen by the wayside. I had bought these little jars to help sort my sewing notions. I didn't want to go with your standard craft labels so instead went with chalkboard paint. That way I can change the [...]

D.I.Y. Fireflies In a Jar

D.I.Y. Fireflies In a Jar

Hello Everyone, Over the holidays I put together a few fun decorative pieces to supplement my lack of christmas ornaments and my unwillingness to purchase more. My first little invention came from a display I saw at Urban Outfitters of all the places. It was some sort of firefly in a jar. Quite amazing and [...]

Ethical Body Butter

A few weeks ago I made an amazing batch of body butter using a few new ingredients after much research. I was hesitant to talk about the new body butter as I use myself as a Guiney pig to test out all my products. I feel that if I cant use it on my sensitive skin and my [...]

not quite votive

If you know anything about candles and making candles...you'll know there are several different type of waxes to be used accordingly to the candle you'll be making....container wax for candles in containers and pillar wax for free standing candles made in molds. I was making some container candles and had a bit left over so [...]

Bath bomb for Jessica

the holidays I got an order from a family friend Jessica. I was so excited to make these bath bombs, the trouble is everyone knows that naturally made bath bombs only have a shelf life of about two weeks, or so.  To make them as fresh as possible I started to make the bath bombs [...]

Melt and Pour Soaps

I decided to do soaps as my next craft, but after a bit of research I decided against making my soaps from scratch simple because of one ingredient. LYE, I don't want to have it "lye-ing" around the place (I couldn't resist) But in all seriousness I have a toddler rumaging around and it still [...]


In keeping with my now failed attempt of 25 days of craft. I decided that my next craft was going to be bath bombs! I found this to be perfect because most of the ingredients were easy to find and fairly non toxic! This is important to me as I have a little munchkin running [...]