Easy D.I.Y. Chalkboard Paint Labels

This weekend was particularly rainy. And I decided to finish a few projects which have sort of fallen by the wayside. I had bought these little jars to help sort my sewing notions. I didn't want to go with your standard craft labels so instead went with chalkboard paint. That way I can change the [...]


Vintage of the Day

Vintage of the Day

Our etsyshop has been buzzing with some amazing vintage items. Everyday we list at least one new piece. The following items are not yet listed and are a part of my personal collection. But thought you might love to see them just the same.   Vintage Yellow Touchtone Telephone    Vintage Singage. I'm willing to part ways [...]

Ethical Body Butter

AΒ few weeks ago I made an amazing batch of body butter using a few new ingredients after much research. I was hesitant to talk about the new body butter as I use myself as aΒ GuineyΒ pig to test out all my products. I feel that if I cant use it on my sensitive skin and my [...]

Bath bomb for Jessica

the holidays I got an order from a family friend Jessica. I was so excited to make these bath bombs, the trouble is everyone knows that naturally made bath bombs only have a shelf life of about two weeks, or so. Β To make them as fresh as possible I started to make the bath bombs [...]


In keeping with my now failed attempt of 25 days of craft. I decided that my next craft was going to be bath bombs! I found this to be perfect because most of the ingredients were easy to find and fairly non toxic! This is important to me as I have a little munchkin running [...]