New in Shop – High Fashion and BASKETS!!

I’ve been busily reviving my Etsy shop and added quite a few new vintage pieces this week. Most of what i’ve added are of a higher price point but there is a variety of items to come which will be more cost effective.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 11.58.25 PM

I started of course with some vintage clothes! I love a great classic piece and nothing says classic sophistication like this Pierre Cardin Wrap dress made from 100% silk with a plunging neckline….This one screams watch out boys! Confident woman coming through!

The photos just doesn’t do it justice! Lastly in Vintage clothing. I listed this Hoffman Cocktail velvet blouse with bow and a Studio J taffeta maxi skirt in the most amazing brown, bronze, charcoal shimmer.

In Home Decor, I’m a basket case. There are 3 new vintage and highly collectible baskets. A First Nations Fishing Basket, A Navajo coil basket and African purse/basket…..Oh and a Talbot Bag! so much woven basket products.Etsy Shop

If you are interested in any of the items be sure to head over to ETSY. I was thinking in my next post of vintage giving you some background on where I found the items and what the provenance is. This could become a great little segment.

Happy Shopping


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