• Winky Lux Flower Balm – Rose Lip Balm

    Winky Lux Flower Balm – Rose Lip Balm

    I popped into my local Shopper’s Drug mart a few weeks back and the Beauty Advisor mentioned there was a new line of makeup in store called Winky Lux. I hadn’t heard of them before, but when I saw the products I said, “Oooh yes! I’ve always wanted to try this.” Winky Lux is a…

  • NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip Review

    NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip Review

    Hey Friends, Recently I picked up Nyx Cosmetics Fat Oil Lip Drip at Shopper’s Drug Mart and like old times, I wanted to give you my opinion on the product. What it Promises: The Fat Oil Lip comes in eight shades which ranges from neutral nudes to bold reds, so you can choose the perfect…

  • Mint Green Spring Nails.

    Mint Green Spring Nails.

    Hey friends, I figured, I’d dip my toes or rather, fingers back into blogging by starting off with something light – NAIL POLISH! I can’t remember the last time I’ve visited a nail salon. Being an artist and an avid gardener, I frequently work with my hands. This leaves my hands covered in paint or…

  • Antipodes Skincare – Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream + Halo Mud Mask.

    Antipodes Skincare – Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream + Halo Mud Mask.

    Hi Friends, I recently got a chance to try new products from the Antipodes skincare line. Last year I wrote a review on three of their products which I’ve kept in my skincare rotation. If you’ve like to read a brief overview of those you can here. Who is Antipodes? Antipodes is a Green Beauty…

  • Sparkly Holiday Nails

    Sparkly Holiday Nails

    Hey friends, Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? I’ve been swamped, and things are finally beginning to wind down for me. I wanted to do something fun for myself, and painting my nails seems the easiest. I generally have my nails done at a salon but haven’t done so since the start of covid. I’m…

  • Garnier SkinActiv – Moisture Bomb Eye Patch Sheet Masks.

    Garnier SkinActiv – Moisture Bomb Eye Patch Sheet Masks.

    New blog post featuring @garniercan Skinactiv Moisture Bomb Eye Patches. Head over to the blog to see what I think!!#teammicellar

  • Antipodes Skincare Review

    Antipodes Skincare Review

    A few weeks ago, I introduced three new products to my skincare routine. I’m a lover of natural skincare, environmentally responsible brands as well as products that actually work. This is my first experience with Antipodes Skincare. Who is Antipodes ? Antipodes is a Green Beauty company from New Zealand which uses natural, organic and…

  • Two hand sanitizers in my purse.

    Two hand sanitizers in my purse.

    Hey lovelies, How are you guys holding up out there? Since the reopening of the economy and gradually return to a “new normal.” I’ve been venturing out to familiar places. The one thing that stands out most in every business I’ve entered is the sanitization station ( that’s what I’m calling them). Sanitizing your hands…

  • Four Tried and True Make up Removers.

    Four Tried and True Make up Removers.

    Hi Guys, How is everyone holding up during these very stressful and uncertain times? I’m choosing to spend my time catching up on a few things I’ve neglected and this blog is one of them. Practicing a little escapism by writing about my four tried and true make up removers. This is by no means…

  • Garnier Whole Blends – Oat Milk & Rice Cream Extracts

    Garnier Whole Blends – Oat Milk & Rice Cream Extracts

    As you all know, I’m a lover of all things hair. I enjoy changing my hairstyle regularly using wigs, weaves, extensions you name it. With multiple hairstyles, I have to take into consideration the health of my own hair. This is the most important, ‘ve recently begun using Garnier Whole Blends in Oat Milk &…

  • Recent Purchases – Make-Up and Books

    Recent Purchases – Make-Up and Books

    Hey Lovelies, I’m not sure about you guys but online shopping is my jam. It could be the convenience of it all, or perhaps it’s the years spent working in retail which makes mall shopping for some things not so fun for me. Either way, I think online shopping is the best invention since the…

  • ZARA Beauty Review

    ZARA Beauty Review

    ZARA Sells lipsticks? I had no idea. check out my new blog post for my review. xoxo

  • Masigi Oil Pulling Review

    Masigi Oil Pulling Review

    Hello, Lovelies. I’ve been taking a different approach to health and wellness and decided to try something I’ve been curious about for quite a few years. Oil Pulling! I grew up seeing my grandmother brushing her teeth with charcoal, swishing coconut oil in her mouth and also chewing garlic. Truthfully, I thought she was odd…

  • Veriphy Skincare Review.

    Veriphy Skincare Review.

    About a month ago I had the opportunity to attend a showcase for Veriphy Skincare at the Rosewood Hotel in downtown Vancouver. I was really happy for the chance to get to the nitty-gritty of this brand. As there are so many new skincare brands popping up so often now and it’s an impossibility to…

  • Updates and YouTube

    Updates and YouTube

    Hello. Lovelies, Recently, I’ve been uploading quite a bit of content to YouTube as I find it easier to do so rather than writing a blog post. Somehow it’s just simpler to explain things in a video.  I still haven’t decided whether i’ll continue to upload through YouTube or do more post here. Perhaps a…

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