Sparkly Holiday Nails

Hey friends,

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? I’ve been swamped, and things are finally beginning to wind down for me. I wanted to do something fun for myself, and painting my nails seems the easiest. I generally have my nails done at a salon but haven’t done so since the start of covid. I’m very basic when it comes to nail colour nudes and pinks, and that’s pretty much it. The reason for this is, I work quite a bit with my hands and try not to draw too much attention to them.

I picked up these Essie polishes from my local shoppers to give the look I wanted. I didn’t stray too far from what I like and settled for a nude and glitter polish. The nude is in the shade 660 – Less Is Auraand the glitter is a shimmery pink in the shade 954 – A Cut Above. Unfortunately, a cut above is sold out online.

I’m really happy with how they turned out. Just a little sparkle to help get me into the holiday spirit. New Year’s Eve is also coming up so I hope these last until then. Two birds one stone right? 🙂 I’m curious to know what are some at home beauty/self care things you’ve been doing to help get you in the mood for the fast approaching season?

Love you,


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