Reflecting on a shifting tide


Lately, I’ve been keeping it light on my social media platforms as a way to protect my own mental wellness. These are truly “unpresidented” times. I’ve found myself holding my boy extra close for as long as he will allow. Making certain he is aware of himself and how loved he is as a black boy coming into his own.

I’m sad, I’m lonely (because of COVID) and mostly I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what is to come. Today as we turn our eyes and heart south to our American neighbours I can’t help but feel a bottomless sense of helplessness. I’m a dog with no bone in this fight, Win, loose or draw…Nothing will ever be the same again after today. And of this we are very cognizant whatever the outcome, I’m hoping for peacefulness.

Even though we may despair over what is to come, I take solace in knowing BIPOC people everywhere have finally found their voice. After 300 plus years of oppression, genocide, physical and mental slavery we are finally coming into our own. I sincerely hope we continue to be aware of ourselves and move forward in the right direction.

It’s difficult to know the right direction sometimes when the people are left to govern themselves but collectively, WE’VE GOT THIS!

Stay safe out there.


One response to “Reflecting on a shifting tide”

  1. This was a very good post and honestly as real as it gets!


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