Four Tried and True Make up Removers.

Hi Guys,

How is everyone holding up during these very stressful and uncertain times? I’m choosing to spend my time catching up on a few things I’ve neglected and this blog is one of them. Practicing a little escapism by writing about my four tried and true make up removers. This is by no means a comprehensive list but these products worked well for me especially when I just want to go to bed!! They are fairly environmentally friendly and would likely fall under the category of green beauty. With the exception of the wipes of course. (All prices in Canadian dollars)

The Balm

Farmacy Beauty – Green Clean Make-up Meltaway Cleansing Balm – $45.00 

Green Clean is a gentle yet nourishing cleanser. The balm melts away makeup and impurities on the face and neck by gently massaging the balm into the skin one is able to wipe away the melted makeup for smooth silky skin. The cleansing balm is one of my favourite makeup removers, especially after a very long day. I love that it is gentle around the eyes and is made with clean ingredients such as moringa extract. I would recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser after using green clean and following up with a moisturizer.

 The Oil

K’Pure – Clean Slate – $18.00

Clean slate is a cleansing oil is a natural, non-toxic makeup remover. This powerful cleansing oil is made from natural oils such as coconut oil, organic citrus oil and Blue Tansy this is what gives  Clean Slate it’s light blue colour and scent.  You only need about three pumps of this massaged gently into the skin and then wiped away with a damp rag or wash with water. The powerful natural ingredients cleanse and moisturize the skin all at once.  Gentle enough to use around the eye area but be extra careful not to get it in your eye it may sting a little.  Clean slate reminds some of Herbivore’s – Lapis which I’ve written about here. While both use Blue Tansy in the ingredient list each product has very different uses. Also, K’Pure is a woman-led company made in British Columbia Canada. ( Yay local)

Micellar Water

Garnier SkinActive – Micellar Waters – $7.59

It’s no secret, I’m pretty obsessed with Micellar Water, I find this is another environmentally friendly way of removing makeup. Again all you will need is a damp cloth or a reusable makeup wipe. if you prefer a more mattifying finish to your makeup removal routine or have oily skin this is perhaps the best option for you. unlike a balm or an oil Micellar water cleanses and purifies your pores, lifting away dirt, makeup and oils without drying out the skin. This is also fairly inexpensive at the local drug store.

Garnier SkinActive - Micellar Waters
Garnier SkinActive – Micellar Waters



Veriphy Skincare  – CTRL +ALT+ DEL  Facial Cleanser – $48.00

Guys, The best way to clean your face is good old soap and water. I’ve been usingCTRL + ALT+ DEL, for over a month now and I’m pretty happy with this cleanser. It’s a gentle cleanser with all organic ingredients. I was first taken aback that it did not lather but that did not necessarily mean it didn’t clean. In fact, I always follow up with this cleanser to completely clean my face. CTRL+ALT+DEL cleanses my face without drying it out, It gets rid of waterproof mascara and even softens eyelash glue for easy removal. YES, lash glue. The initial cost of this may be a bit much for some but it will take you some time to get through the bottle. Two pumps are all you need to really get your face clean and fresh.


I did an IGTV on This on my Instagram account, have a look if you need a more detailed overview.


Quo Charcoal Facial Wipes  – $10.00

Quo Charcoal Facial Wipes – Wipes can be a bit of a dirty word, makeup wipes are notorious for not being environmentally friendly since they cannot be recycled and end up going in the trash. Needless to as this is still a great way to remove your makeup. This is my absolute last resort when I can not wash my face or use any of the above-mentioned methods. I’ve had this pack of Quo wipes now for over a year and they have not dried out. I take these on vacation with me. They are great to quickly wipe away makeup, dirt, oil, impurities they are very gentle and leave my skin feel so smooth. They are great around the eyes and even removes liquid lipstick. Wipes aren’t the best as I said but at least they help in a pinch.

  • Paraben-Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Has Aloe
  • Vitamin A + C
  • Activated Charcoal
  • 30 wipes.

What are some of your favourite make up removers? Let me know in the comment section.





10 responses to “Four Tried and True Make up Removers.”

  1. I am mostly a Micellar water gal these days. I just bought 2 big bottles of Bioderma Hydrabio mw on sale today. I love the name CTRL ALT DEL!! adorable plus it sounds so effective


  2. Farmacy Green Clean is one of the best makeup removers I’ve ever tried!

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    1. It’s so good, I feel like it does the best job of removing my makeup when I’m tired


  3. I use the one from Biossance. I’m the same, I’d be probably be writing more as a distraction from everything that’s going on. Sta safe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll have to Biossance out. I’ve been deep cleaning and everything else just to keep my mind occupied. Stay safe out as well.


  4. I used to only use MAC remover wipes and then I got a sample of Farmacy and was like “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!” It’s my current favorite or I’ll use a makeup remover cloth that I got from another company but the balm definitely makes me feel like I got every bit of makeup off my face.

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  5. Miranda Mendelson Avatar
    Miranda Mendelson

    Green Clean works SO WELL! I have backup jars!


  6. I use the Simple Micellar Water and LOVE it!


  7. I used to love cleansing wipes but now I only use them to remove makeup swatches. I’m a big fan of Bioderma Micellar Water. There are a few cleansing balms that I’m enjoying too.


  8. I love micellar water, coconut oil, and Vike spray!


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