Art: Sears Portrait Session – Watercolour on Arches

I’ve been making a concerted effort to fully focus on the thing I love.  Art has been a part of me since I could remember. I’ve always created in some small way or form. I had originally wanted to keep this platform strictly about beauty and lifestyle. Since Art is an enormous portion of my lifestyle I will occasionally share some pieces here as well.

In this latest work ” Sears Portrait Session” I thought I would create a not so long ago but the fading tradition of visiting the department store portrait session.  I choose Sears specifically since Sears is now out of business. The portrait session was a time to dress in your best clothes and give your best smiles for the camera. These photos would ultimately end up framed on mantle pieces, office cubicles, wallets and grandparents in far off places. It didn’t matter where they ended up, they were treasured.watercolor,watercolour, watercolour artist, watercolor artist, watercolorist, watercolourist, black artist, transgender, lgbtq, cis gender, art practice, black woman art, painting, painting of the day, canadian artist, sunday best,

This particular portrait features a transgender male. The idea I had was to paint this in a 1990’s style at a time where being black and gay was still a controversial topic. I wanted to show a sense of family, a sense of happiness through the family portrait. With the family being people of your choosing and not of your birth. The dominant character’s head tilted slightly with a coy smile is inviting the viewer into the lightness of the session unfolding.

I hadn’t intended on doing a full write up on this piece therefore, I didn’t have the foresight of photographing the work in progress in the best way possible. These progress shots were intended for my eyes only but I’ll still share them with you.

What do you guys think, are you interested in my professional practice as an artist and art student?


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