D.I.Y. Fireflies In a Jar

Hello Everyone,

Over the holidays I put together a few fun decorative pieces to supplement my lack of christmas ornaments and my unwillingness to purchase more. My first little invention came from a display I saw at Urban Outfitters of all the places. It was some sort of firefly in a jar. Quite amazing and can be used all year round. They also make an amazing centrepiece for weddings or for fancy shabby chic back yard BBQ’s. You’re the boss you decide.

What you will need…


  • One pack of mini LED lights
  • Double AA batteries
  • Large vintage jar ( any large jar with a lid will do)
  • Decorative sand (or any sad will do.


Unpackage your LED lights and place batteries in the lights. Double check the lights to make sure they do work. some LED lights come with timers. set the timer for when you want your lights to come on.



Take the lid from your jar and and place the timer portion of the  LED lights into the jar. leaving the actual light out of the jar.




Start covering the timer with sand.



4. cover the timer completely. Then postion the lights in the jar to your liking and TA-DA!!!  Fireflies in a Jar.




I hope someone enjoyed this mini tutorial.

Thanks for reading


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