PNE, Roving Wool, D.I.Y. – Scarf

A week ago, I took my son to the PNE – Pacific National Exhibition, which is a seasonal fair and amusement park. I remember growing up in Vancouver in my teenage years that this was one of the many highlights of my summer. He was really excited to go on all the rides and eat greasy fair food. Unfortunately for my poor little Ben, he’s 46″ tall and the minimum height for most of the fun rides are 48″. We kept saying there is always next year as we go from kiddie ride to kiddie ride. I have to say I was more than relieved as i’m a bit of a chicken. I can’t stand those huge crazy rides. I literally want to cry! i’m not even kidding!! we went on a kiddie rollercoaster and i remember thinking oooh boy, mommy don’t be scared! pathetic I know. But the great thing about the fair is there is something for everyone. In the stables there were cute baby animals to Ohh and Aww over and ALAS!!! Roving Wool for mom to make scarves from.

dyed roving wool from Shades of Narnia
Dyed roving wool from Shades of Narnia

I picked up a couple bundles from a company called ” Shades of Narnia” located in Chilliwack BC. I’ve never worked with roving wool before but i love the fact it is so forgiving. I’ve since made two scarves with the bundles I’ve picked up..I do strongly suggest taking a trip to the PNE if you’re in the Vancouver area.

Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf
Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf

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