Melt and Pour Soaps

Vanilla Rose Soap

I decided to do soaps as my next craft, but after a bit of research I decided against making my soaps from scratch simple because of one ingredient. LYE, I don’t want to have it “lye-ing” around the place (I couldn’t resist) But in all seriousness I have a toddler rumaging around and it still amazes me how he manages to get into places and things with split second action or if I slip up for just one second! So to be safe I went with the melt and pour option of soap making which I find to be kind of cheating. It is as it sounds, You melt it and pour it into the molds, you can add your special scents, colours, decorations etc. etc. since this was my first attempt. I wasn’t being very fancy about it. I had some vanilla scent, a a bundle of dried roses left over from mother’s day and of course some red dye. I poured the mixture in an tupperware container and cut it out with a butter knife so by no means was this a professional first attempt.  Keep coming back for more though as I’ll be making some more soaps that are fun and have a lot more effort.




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