D.I.Y. Orange Cleaner


I’ve always heard orange cleaners are the most environmental way to get your surroundings clean.Orange cleaners works well as degreaser also. And a huge bonus, they smell great. After developing a rash from a common household cleaner I  had  been using for many years. I decided to give this super simply D.I.Y. orange cleaner a chance. There are only two ingredients needed and a mason jar with a great seal. I figured how hard could this be? So here goes nothing

ingredients needed:

  1. washed orange peels
  2. Vinegar
  3. Mason Jar with a good seal.
  4. A Spray Bottle
  5. (Feel free to throw in a cinamon stick for scenting)



Photo Credit : Photo via <a href=”https://www.goodfreephotos.com/”>Good Free Photos</a>



Simply wash and peel oranges and place the fresh peels into  your mason jar. Once the jar is 3/4 full with orange peels. Pour vinegar overtop of the peels until completely covered. Do not fill to the brim.



Let this sit for at least 3 weeks and BAM! you have orange cleaner! In the 3 week time period the citric acid in the orange peel and the acetic acid in  vinegar react with each other to pull the natural oils from the orange peels. This pulls the zest and oils from the peel which will eventually be your orange cleaner.


It really is that simply. Pour the orange cleaner into a spray bottle using the method of one part orange cleaner and 2 parts water as it will be quite strong. This will help clean, degreases and disinfect your space. This is especially ideal for children’s play areas. Orange cleaners also works well if you are sensitive to harsh chemicals and cleaners. Since there are no harmful ingredients. I hope you enjoyed this very simple project. Please let me know how this worked for you.

Happy Reading,


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