White Blouse + Blue Denim

There is no doubt that the ’90’s is in and honestly I’m not sure how to feel about it. I can vividly remember many of the stylistic choices of the ’90’s era and let’s just say many of them were questionable .

However, I do love a modern take on a classic silhouette and it’s been interesting watching the girlies revamp many of these long ago style into cute fashion statements. For me, one of my favourite classic silhouettes is the white blouse and blue denim combo.

There is something so crisp and fresh about this styling.

beach babe

It gives the feeling of effortless and timeless all at once. I decided to give my casual take on it and here is my take on this classic silhouette this past spring. This can be worn any season with the correct accessories and layers.

My blouse is thrifted and the denim is from Winners. They are a skinny leg stretch denim, which I thought was very fitting since we are talking ’90’s.

It’s a simple outfit but, it is comfortable and classic. Can’t go wrong with that combination.

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