ZARA Beauty Review

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Hey Lovelies,

I recently discovered ZARA now sells cosmetics –  well just lipsticks. But still, I feel as if I’m the last person to discover this. I was having an “add to cart” kind of a night and I bought two items from Zara’s Beauty Collection. I purchased the Ulimatte Lipstick Trio as well as a Gardenia Perfume + Shine Liquid Lipstick.


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ZARA Ultimatte Trio – Season 09


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ZARA Ultimatte Trio
The Ultimatte Trio retails for $29.90 Canadian and features three 0.12 OZ lipsticks in the following shades,

  1. UM01
  2. UM03
  3. UM11

Personally, I think they could’ve been a little more creative with the naming of the lipsticks but, oh well. The second item I purchased was the lip shine and when I purchased this. I honestly did not read the description and was a little surprised to receive the Gardenia Perfume as well. As most of you know I’m not huge on fragrance and will likely never wear it.

(The lipsticks I purchased are all from Season 07 and I’ve noticed they’ve launched a new collection with different shades)



The Gardenia Fragrance comes in a sleek 100 ML  along with the ZARA SHINE LIQUID LIPSTICK  4.5 ML (0.15 FL. OZ). Again, The name of the lipstick is just that, ZARA Shine Liquid Lipstick. I chose a dark berry shade as it is best suited for my complexion.

I noticed on the ZARA website you can purchase the Shiny liquid lipsticks individually if you don’t want to purchase the Perfume + Lipstick combo.

The Swatches:

Youtube Review:


Final Thoughts:

While the quality of the lipsticks was a bit surprising as in, I did not have high hopes for them and they turned out to be much more pigmented than expected. I would not purchase these again after wearing them for a full week.

While ZARA makes great fashion there is some work to be done in the beauty department. The applicator for the shiny liquid lipstick is flimsy at best but the pigmentation and formula of the liquid lipsticks are quite amazing.

I did not wear the Gardenia fragrance so honestly, I have no verdict on that.

Have you guys tried anything from ZARA’s beauty department? Let me know below.


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4 responses to “ZARA Beauty Review”

  1. Nice review!! I was also skeptic about buying into their new beauty collection so this really confirmed my decision to stick to their fashion!!.


    1. Thank you😘 ! Zara’s strengths are definitely in Fashion and some of their decor pieces. Unfortunately, they may need to go back to the drawing board with the cosmetics.


  2. Thanks for sharing, I had been wondering about the liquid lipstick and then I saw your video and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. That wand looks flimsy as you said.


    1. Yes, the formula of the lipstick is lovely but the hardware not so much 😬😬


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