Jeans for Tall Women – Old Navy

Natoya's Jeans - Old Navy

Couple weeks ago,  I stopped by Old Navy to get my son some pants. He’s now seven and growing like a weed. It’s so interesting to see how fast kids grow. I feel as though I’m forever buying pants. I’ve never actually bought myself anything at Old Navy but I had to since I had an unfortunate event at Shoppers Drug Mart I dropped a bottle of Urban decay foundation and spilt it all over my pant and shoes…ughh! embarrassing and messy!

Anyways…I fearfully went on the hunt for pants for myself in Old Navy. Fearfully, because I have extremely long legs for a woman. my in seam is 34″ and with that comes with various issues. The waist fits but the pants are short. The length fits but the waist is big! Usually before I even bother trying on or going hunting for pants in a store I ask.

“what’s your longest length in ladies pant?” depending on the answer I don’t even bother.

But, at Old Navy they had the curvy straight and curvy skinny jeans and omg! they fit!! I have never just tried on jeans and they FITT!! my mind was entirely blown! So blown I bought two pairs of jeans. I’m really in love with these especially since I went down two sizes! I haven’t had a comfortable fitting pair of jeans to fit this new body of mine in a long time.  If you haven’t already checked out Old Navy’s jeans. Go do so now! THIS IS NOT AN AD!  This is my own opinion and honestly I’m blown away that these jeans fit the length of my inseam and my chub. Win! Win! Win!

Where do you guys buy your jeans? what’s your favourite pair?  Let me know in the comments

Lots of love


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