ADVENTURE: Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.

This weekend we decided it was far too long since we went on an adventure. We loaded up our rain gear and decided to head for the Fraser Valley. The immediate destination was unknown. I just wanted to stop all this packing and getting ready for the move madness and get the heck out of dodge. Half way across the Second Narrow’s Bridge we decided to head for Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. We’ve never been there so in my mind this would be the perfect discovery.  The weather was not cooperating, on the highway we went through pockets of rain, hail and sunshine. I was honestly feeling like hmmm maybe I picked a bad day.

My second hesitation came when we started on Chilliwack Lake Road, Siri mention we will need to stay on this road for 45 minutes. I honestly, felt like turning around seeing as how we’ve been driving for an additional hour prior. This was turning into a BIG ADVENTURE.  On the way however we noticed quite a few turn offs for camping which made us long for the summer. Deep in the woods there was also a PRISON.

Surveying Chilliwack Lake
Surveying Chilliwack Lake – Such a beautiful place


But as we drove along I couldn’t help but absorb all the beauty of the majestic mountains which surrounded us. And also the Chillicwak river rushing by. I was starting to feel that calm that comes over me every time we go out on an adventure. When got to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. Everything was so beautiful and so perfect.

The lake had beautiful light sand and casted colours of blues and greens just clear and beautiful as far as the eye could see. On both sides mountain peaks shot up out of the lake and framed it perfectly. It’s one of those views that pictures simply does it no justice. You just need to be there. We were so happy we made the trek into the woods. I watched as my little man threw sticks and stones into the lake and played blissfully. XBOX What?!

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park
Breathtaking views from the edge of Chilliwack Lake

We noticed there were hiking trails which meet up with the Trans Canada Trails if you are into burning a bit of sweat out in the bush. Let me tell you though. These trails are no joke. Full preparation would be required if you wanted to attempt this. We turned around after five minutes we  wouldn’t have had enough water to complete the 14KM both ways.

We decided that we have to come back in the summer with towels and a picnic. This has been one of my favourite discoveries this year so far. And we saw we were not alone in our amazing discovery. The parking lot was lined with travellers from as far as Ohio. As it has not been a particularly warm spring it’s amazing to see all these travellers enjoying our Provincial Parks.

My general consensus on Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park? You must go! it’s a bit of a trip depending on where you’re coming from but it’s a worthwhile trip. Absolutely magnificent views. Lots of trails, Lake, rivers  and campgrounds. You’ll be awestruck.

Chilliwack Lake
My Loves


6 responses to “ADVENTURE: Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.”

  1. wow! such a nice place. Would love to visit Canada


    1. Canada is beautiful we would love to have you! Visit B.C. in the summer months. you won’t be disappointed.


  2. Get it girl! Nice to see you exploring the Valley.


    1. Hey Krissi, Thank you. Slowly making the Valley my new home. ❤


  3. Nice post! It’s one of those hidden little places with one long road in, making it isolated and free of auxilliary traffic.


    1. Thank you! definitely off the beaten track. I almost gave up half way in! But it was so worth it. Have you been to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park?


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