Abandoned B.C. Ferry – Silverdale Mission,B.C.

I’ve been blabbing on about moving all week on instagram. We took a short break from unpacking and settling into the new place to do a well deserved (in my mind anyways) photo shoot. From the highway Ben saw what looked like an abandoned ship and went to go see what it was all about. There were no trespassing signs posted everywhere. Which we ignored and went onto the property. I don’t suggest you do this.6174611296_img_8808

Once we got onto the property and started poking around we were greeted by a not so friendly dog and a man with a rifle. LOL! Just kidding, The rifle part didn’t happen. But there was the cutest little junkyard dog named Bella.

We got talking to Bella’s master Chris who lives in a caravan on the property and he gave us the low down on the ships and cars in the junkyard. Turns out the ship we saw from the highway was an abandoned B.C. Ferry. The Ferry in question is the MV Queen of Sidney which was the flagship of the B.C. Ferry’s Fleet from 1960’s to 2000s when it had been decommissioned. Queen of Sidney had the ability to carry at full capacity 168 vehicles and approximately 980 passengers.

Queen of Sidney
B.C. Ferry – Queen of Sidney


There is another  semi  submerged B.C. Ferry a foot passenger only ferry. The name now eludes me unfortunately. There is also  a fully submerged wooden Californian  ferry. and countless other pleasure crafts, yachts and fishing boats on land there are a number of cars , tractors and farm machinery.

We didn’t go on the ferry’s as the river was high from heavy rainfall and the melting snow I felt it was unsafe. But we will return once the weather gets better and maybe test it out. I’m not one for unnecessary danger.  As it turns out Mission is filled with surprises and we excited to share all our upcoming adventures with you.


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