West Vancouver to Mission

Whoa Nelly,  So I’ve decided to embark on a huge lifestyle and geographic change. As most of you may know we currently live in West Vancouver. But we are now relocating to Mission at the end of this month. This decision was not an easy one as I immigrated from Jamaica straight to North Vancouver eighteen years ago. I’ve lived, went to both high school and post secondary and worked on the North Shore.

I once moved downtown to the West End for a year or so and lived in Burnaby for a while but that was about it. Besides, just living on the North Shore I’ve made some very solid friendships and created amazing memories here so it will be hard to leave.  But since our families still live on the North Shore I know we’ll still be milling about the community.

Why such a massive change? Well, If you know me you know I’ve always wanted to live in the country. I once contemplated Lillooet as a possibility but that five hour drive to Vancouver is a bit much. LOL! But in all seriousness, the cost of living in Vancouver and surrounding areas is absolutely unmanageable. It’s hard to work full time as well as doing your thing on the side to only afford a two bedroom basement suite.

At some point you say to yourself

“Okay, I’m too old to be living in the basement with my  school aged child. Gotta make a change”

You start to look into housing options and you will find that your laundry list of requirements matched with your take home salary is not conducive to living in certain Postal codes. Unless you are MINTED! which we aren’t. So you do live your life on credit? Or do you make things happen within your means? My list of requirements are simple  Affordable housing, family oriented communities, good schools, and perhaps a yard for my son to play and so I may also plant a flower or two. The Fraser Valley was the only place that offered a few of the things on my simple list.

In speaking with friends from various economical backgrounds the reaction varied. I had the

“wow that’s amazing you guys are making that leap.”

to the friends with reactions such as –

“Mission? Why would you do that? There’s nothing but farms out there.”

Whatever the reaction. I still love my friends for their honesty. But, As I delved deeper into the  whole moving to the Fraser Valley situation. I’m noticing a mass exodus of people from North Van and West Van to some of the more exclusive areas of Chilliwack, Abbotsford and Mission. Sell High, Buy low – so we must be doing something correctly. I’m quite honestly, looking forward to all the amazing adventures that awaits us. Can’t wait to share my new community with you guys. As I said at the start of this year.


..and I meant it.

  • Natoya.

One response to “West Vancouver to Mission”

  1. Mission is lovely , and importantly still currently affordable…and ya, you get space , lots of yard hopefully!

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