Urban Decay – Michel Basquiat – TENANT Palette.



This weekend, I visited the Shopper’s Drug Mart at Park Royal, West Vancouver to check out the new Jean Michel Basquiat collection by Urban Decay. For those of who do not know who Basquiat is.  He  is my favourite artist of all time. I discovered him in art school everyone kept comparing my work to his and I soon realized I felt like I was actually channelling Basquiat .

He was discovered in the ’80’s selling postcards and t-shirts  of his art work. He gain notoriety in the New York art scene and was soon hanging out with the likes of Madonna , Andy Warhol and that whole crowd. When I saw that Urban Decay had a new collection out dedicated to him I have to say my feelings were mixed. I’m always up for a new fun makeup collaboration but judging from my somewhat limited knowledge of Basquiat’s personal life. I thought maybe he wouldn’t be too happy to lend his name to a make up brand. Nonetheless, I decided to give the eyeshadow palette a try, I love the whole collection but it would’ve been too expensive to buy everything.basquiat_brightpalette_tenant

There are two eye shadow palettes to choose from Gold Griot and Tenant. I opted to go with Tenant as it had a variety of colour options as opposed to Gold Griot which featured a lot of earth tones and nudes. And we certainly do not need another nude palette from Urban Decay. I love the vibrancy of the Tenant palette  I feel as though you will be able to create so many dramatic looks with this range of colours.

Shopper’s Drug Mart  Haul



As always Urban Decay does not disappoint. They thought of everything.  The attention to details on this palette was unbelievable. From something as simple as making the container feel like canvas. I died!  The quality of the shadows are bar none with the amazing formula and high pigmentation. The colour pay off is fantastic! There are matte tones such as STUDIO, BOOM & UNTITLED. There are also shimmer and glittery tones such as  GRAFFITI, EXU AND LES.   So there is something for everyone using Tenant Palette. And this will be ideal for a variety of skin tones. Can you say smokey eye? Yes these are so fab! I’ve swatched a few colours to show you how it would look on darker skin tones. (excuse my hairy arm lol!) My favourites so far has got to be NEO and STUDIO. I love the opaque look to the shade and the contrast against my skin.

Is this collection worth getting? Yes I would say so. The quality is undeniable amazing. And you will be certainly wear these colours well into spring and fall. So this collection is doing double duty in that department.

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3 responses to “Urban Decay – Michel Basquiat – TENANT Palette.”

  1. I knew you would get this! Great review hun.


    1. I can’t resist anything Basquiat! And also this palette is amazing. Thank you so much for commenting.


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