Play Dead IPA – Yellow Dog Brewery 

The craft/micro brewing industry has simply exploded in British Columbia,Canada in the past couple of years. I feel as though a new craft brewery is popping up every week. Some are here to stay while others simply fizzle like the froth on the top of your beer. I’d like to review a few that I would highly recommend. There are a few that you simply must try and PLAY DEAD  from Yellow Dog is one such beer.


Yellow Dog is brewed in Port Moody, British Columbia. Yellow dog is a family owned craft/micro brewery. I choose the Play Dead IPA by Yellow Dog Brewery of the simple fact that it was local with a higher alcohol content of 6.8%. Since I had also had the type of day where I would’ve loved to play dead I thought what a clever name and decided to give it a try. These were sold in packs of fours at my local B.C. liquor store. You are also able to buy this on tap at Brewers Row in the Yellow Dog Brewery. They are an active Brewery and also super busy on the weekends.

My first impression was wow fruity, light yet hoppy! I found this beer to be hoppy with hints of caramel malt and some sort of tropical fruit. Pineapple perhaps but I couldn’t distinguish what flavours of fruits I was tasting. Play dead is refreshing and reminded me of summers by the ocean. Overall unlike most IPAs I found this beer to be easy to drink and delicious. You have to try it.

I had to research what IPA meant and found out I.P.A. meant India Pale Ale. Who Knew? well most people probably. But once we start into IBU’s I’m just lost I need to do more research in that regards. I really enjoy the marketing of Yellow Dog Brewery.  There beers are named after dog commands such as;

  • Sit And Stay.
  • Take Me A Walk
  • Shake A Paw
  • Chase My Tail

These guys are obvious dog lovers and great makers of beer.  I would highly recommend PLAY DEAD.

Disclaimer: It’s beer time. But before I start let me be honest in saying I know nothing about beer. I know I like some beers but as far as a being a beer know it all. I’m perhaps out of my depth. Also this is in no way sponsored. These are my  honest opinions and all product was paid for with my own money. 

One response to “Play Dead IPA – Yellow Dog Brewery ”

  1. Pretty good beer…nice that it’s sold in little 4-packs. Label is a little bit annoying, as it feels like paper. Very hoppy if that’s your thing, with 75 IBU


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