Monochrome – Outfit of the day. 

Happy Easter Sunday! Happy Passover! Happy Long weekend. Depending on what your beliefs are. Today’s post is a quick outfit of the day. I still have a dinner to attend later in the evening so this is simply outfit número uno.

I wanted to keep things as simply as possible for the evening change over to be quick and painless. I went with a fairly nuetral face in the makeup department.

For Easter we always tend to do a lot of colour and prints as it signifies the start of spring and spring/summer festivies with all the warm outdoors dinner parties to come.  As a born rebel I decided to go the opposite route, Monochrome is what I opted for. Black and white everything!

There is something so esthically clean and effortless when it comes to black and white. It’s a silent classiness that cannot be ignored.

I would not be outdone and made sure I was head to two black and white.

Today’s outfit is as follows.

  • Top: Rachel Roy
  • Capri: Ralph Lauren denim
  • Shoes: Nine West

Photos were taken courtesy of my lovely boy Ben.

We hope you had an enjoyable weekend, loving yourself and your family. Spending time and making new memories.

– Natoya 🌸

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