You’ve probably noticed a few changes on the blog lately. I’ve finally bought a domain name for this blog. I’ve contemplated just leaving it as it was or even starting a new blog. but, my heart just wouldn’t let me. I started this blog when my son was just a baby and it was my only outlet for a long time. So starting a new blog just seemed like cheating and disregarding the growth of everything that is natoyaista somehow.

I’ve changed the name of this blog to “” as to not conflict with my professional art and photography website and shop. I’ll keep this blog for lifestyle, product reviews and beauty blogs. Because you guys are my family far and wide and we share a collective love for these topics.

We’ve been through single motherhood, failed business attempts, successes after successes and still, we are holding the faith. Here’s to many more years of continued growth and success. After all, nothing ever remains the same.

Lots of Love,


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