Muse – Love yourself


Lately, I’ve been feeling less than positive about the way I look. It could be the change in the season, Spring is always a rude awakening for most of us. It signals bikini season is just around the corner. And perhaps it’s time to get that body in shape and fast. With the warmer weather comes the joggers, cyclists and people out getting that fresh air into their lungs. Or more drastically crash dieting.

In being transparent as possible. I’ve gained a few noticeable pounds in the last two years. But in all fairness a new happy, healthy relationship with a chef will do that to you. My work schedule doesn’t afford me the time to get a regular gym membership. But, I do  try to be as active and healthy as possible.

But lets get real ladies, you can be as active and as healthy as you want but nothing get rid of those pounds than cold hard discipline. Since I needed a quick fix to make myself feel as fabulous as I think I am. I  decided to put on two of my most expensive dresses and have a mini photo shoot. Here are the results, look good feel good right?

Dress by Cachet


Dress by Ralph Lauren

The long and short of it is the same old saying, Love yourself no matter how you look. Once you’ve learned this everything will make sense.


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