Use what ‘cha got.

never hide t-shirt

To get into my creative process I have to do a series of random experiments. Which always involves me finding something and working with that.

I found this old sketchbook I had in my storage and on it It said


I suspect I ripped that out of a magazine because I found it interesting. Anyways I always have one of those  YUDU screen printing machines and I decided to  print that on a tshirt except I didn’t have a black marker handy… I know. To draw an image on the transparency to  expose it to the screen. So it was time to improvise and this is why god gave us fingers.

I figure drew the crudest image i think i’ve ever drew and wrote “NEVER HIDE”

and this is what it looks like….remember…just a creative excerise

Get What ‘Cha  Want


old sketchbooknever hide t-shirt

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