From my Sketchbook


In my last post I commented that I had found this old sketchbook in my storage and I’ve been going through it. I think It’s pretty amazing to go through the old sketchbooks and see what  was going on. For me my sketchbooks serve as a kind of visual diary for what was going on at that junction in time in my life. It’s not always clear what was taking place as I tend to sometimes be a vague and random person. As you can see from these excerts from my sketchbook. But then again who isn’t?

I noticed that I had a thing for extended limbs really long arms, legs and  other body parts.  These are just for fun.

Happy Viewing


"words can't describe how much I've fucked up"

One response to “From my Sketchbook”

  1. I love that first sketch of the woman with her arms outstretched. I think it’s how in motion it is that makes is so appealing. Very cool!


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