My Flowers Garden so far.

If you know anything about me you know I absolutely love flowers. I don’t just love SOME variety of flowers, I truly I love them all. I’m fascinated by the beauty and joy they bring me and want to share that experience with everyone. Over on my tiktok account, I’ve been capturing short videos of flowers in the wild or on my adventures around my community.

This growing season, I wasn’t sure I would be able to have the garden I had envisioned since I was in the midst of a fairly large move. As it turns out, I managed to get a few plants in the ground not quite the scale I had envisioned. The garden which was already here, needed a lot of TLC, This season I’ve been observing what is already here and adding my own touches to the garden as well. A few trips to our local garden centres for pretty annuals as well as mapping out where I would like to place my perennials and just like that the garden has brought me the heart bursting joy, calm and peacefulness I enjoy.

This post, Is literally just a garden appreciation post. I have broken up the post into two categories.

  • Plants I have Planted
  • Established Plants

Coneflowers are some of my favourites, They are perennials and give your cut flower garden an amazing show of colour all season long. They are also a favourite to paint. Next season, I plan on growing much more varieties of them and using the petals in salads. Yes they are edible!

I started growing dahlia’s in 2017 and cannot take full credit for the dahlia garden. These are Ben’s flowers and it is a long standing joke between us to name them Calvin or after famous artist. This year, we have Calvin 1, Calvin 2 and Salvadore Dahlia. As he grows older and approaches his teenage years, I treasure these little moments we spend together. He is very diligent in caring for the dahlias from storing the bulbs to planting, watering and pruning.

I used to mark the true beginning of summer by marking when I begin to see marigold plants lining our apartment complex. They are such a vibrant happy shade of yellow, orange and red. These lovely annuals are great in the cut flower garden as it keeps on blooming if you deadhead the plants. I must confess however, I absolutely dislike the smell of marigolds but it does not take away from their beauty.

Petunias and Violas are a staple in every summer garden, easy to grow and provides a great show all season. I also love creating my own hanging baskets, They are a little eclectic but are well suited to my taste and personality.

Now that I’ve shown you some of the plants I have planted this season, Here are a few I did not plant. These were here when we purchase the home and is a part of the established garden, Not pictured are the rose bushes which had to be hard prune since they were in bad shape.

There are hydrangeas a plenty on this property but unfortunately only two survived the massive heat wave we had earlier in the summer, not pictured is a giant blue hydrangea as well as a pink one. I’ve been doing quite a bit of soil work to bring these beauties back to life next growing season.

The lily’s are a personal favourite. I love this little cluster in the garden. I will be relocating the Lilies to a better spot in the future so they form more of an impact when they bloom in the midsummer months.

The daisies are my favourite. There is no rhyme or reason for my overwhelming love of daisies. I just love to look at them. These are planted toward the front of the property and my only regret is there isn’t more planted there.

The hosts garden gives me serious 1970’s vibes. There are roughly eight varieties of hosts planted in the garden. They are doing quite poorly since they are mostly planted in mulch. This is yet another area, which I will need to put some work into next season.

Planted by the front entrance is this giant lavender bush! smells so lovely and attracts a multitude of pollinators.

Balloon Flower.

The Ballon Flower is new to me and I had never seen one until I moved here. It is such a fascinating plant. The flower resembles a ballon before it pops open. There are two of these plants and I’m currently researching way to propagate them to make an impact in the garden.

Lastly the goutweed, This is not a plant to be proud of as it is in fact a weed. But I find the blossom so stunning and reminiscent of Queen Anne’s Lace. I’ll be removing this from the garden this season.

Not pictured is the flowering spring plants and shrubs, I’m saving those for next spring and trust me! Those were the plants that made us fall involve with this property. I’ve also purposely done close up shots of all the plants since the garden is in a state of rework. I’d love to do a before and after reveal once I and happy with the work I’ve put in.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, thank you for reading and let me know below which of these plants you find most beautiful.



2 responses to “My Flowers Garden so far.”

  1. It looks amazing! SO many beautiful flowers!


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