This Week: May 23 – May 28, 2021

I had a bit of a scare on instagram recently and it brought to the forefront something that has nagged me for a while. If for whatever reason, your instagram account got hacked, disabled or deleted. You stand to loose years worth of content. This is especially sad if you actively try to curate your squares uniquely or if instagram is your main source of business.

Every week, I’ll try to recap my content from various social media platforms here on the blog so I may have it in case something goes wrong. This is also a good way to see my week in review and to also add context ( if any is required) to items posted.

This week:

I was heavy on the nostalgia, almost all the posted content was from some time ago. It could be the fact that it rained heavily this week and we were unable to go many places. I primarily shared photos and videos of the outdoors with a little bit of art and beauty thrown in.


The Creek

Monday :

Red Camper/Lake Chilliwack


A little self Reflection.

Wednesday: Two Posts

Post 1: Rhododendron Walk – Heritage Park

Post 2: – Sharing a Facebook memory from one of our Favourite places to visit.


Antipodes – Halo Facial Mud


Watercolour study in my sketchbook.

Have a great weekend,

Natoya xoxo

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