Onwards + Upwards

I must’ve attempted to write this post a hundred times, and I say that without exaggeration. I’ve been struggling to find the right words to say as, this space is primarily dedicated to beauty, lifestyle and things that make us feel great. This space will continue to produce that content.

However, I feel I need to say a few things about the last couple of weeks. It has been an incredibly traumatic time for many of us Black Folx as we discuss, navigate, teach and heal. I mentioned in an instagram post that BLACK LIVES have always mattered, we have always sat with our feelings whether they be good, bad or indifferent. It’s just that mainstream society has somehow become awoken to our hurt and pain.

Photo By: Rachel Barkman

As a black blogger, I’ve always been honest with my content and will continue to do the unpopular thing of telling the truth. my promise to you is, I will never knowingly represent a company who’s beliefs are harmful to not only BIPOC but any other marginalized group in society.

I’m very excited about moving forward and recouping what is left of 2020. I mean , Seriously what a crazy year! It’s my hope you will check back periodically as I find my bearings, I can’t express you how grateful, I am for all the love and support I have been receiving from most of you over the past few weeks. It goes without saying that there are some amazing allies in the world.

Love you guys,


– Natoya

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