Videos This Month

Hi, Lovelies.

I’ve been spending a bit of time over on YouTube.  For my birthday a few weeks ago, I received a new vlogging camera and let’s just say the shine hasn’t worn off yet. I’m still trying to find my blogging/vlogging voice and I find making videos is a great outlet to do so. I find my blogging style is somewhere between;

  • Wilderness Adventuring
  • Beauty and Skincare
  • Art
  • Social Justice

How does one wrap that all up in a neat pile and put a bow on all that? If you have any ideas you let me know. There is a reason this blog is called “Just Natoya” It’s me and my many interests. 🙂

As promised here are the videos I’ve created in the past month. They are ranked in order of the date they were published. I’ll continue to update the blog regularly with content I’ve created and published around the web.

Visiting Taves Family Farm in Abbotsford B.C.  (Adventure/Vlog)

Jackie Aina X Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette ( Beauty/Review)

Summer Highlights 2019 (Adventure/Vlog)

Topbox Unboxing – August Topbox (Beauty/Reviews)

Zara Beauty Review – Lipsticks ( Beauty/Review)

Hope you enjoyed these videos. let me know in the comments which were your favourite.




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    1. Thanks so much Cat. So much love to you too


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