British Columbia Family Day – Exploring

Hello Lovelies,

This past Monday was family day here in British Columbia, We for some reason do not celebrate family day with the rest of the country because we are special. LOL, I heard this will be changing in 2019.img_3241

Everyday is family day in my home and though we are busy people, we try our best to always spend time with each other. Every weekend as a family tradition we go out into nature and get some fresh air in our lungs.

Wether, the weather be snowy, rainy, windy or hot we are outside!

So what better way for us to spend our family day than to be out in nature? I turned off my devices and we  headed east on highway 11 towards Agassiz and turned off at Chehalis River. We parked in the provincial camp ground and headed down to the river. Ben likes to through rocks in the river and we challenge each other to see who can throw the farthest…he’s usually the winner.

I’m forever taking nature photos, so I take my spot at the river and begin snapping away. Hun, Is easy going and just like to sit and enjoy the quiet.

After a while , we decided to find the elusive “GRACE LAKE” even though Grace Lake isn’t difficult to find. We have often missed out on going there because our car isn’t great for forest service roads. But, we pushed through the potholes and hump and bumps and found this beautiful serene place. I was awed by Grace Day, explore bc, fun, family, together, explore bc, mission, fraser valley, chehalis river, camping, couples, interracial, interracial family, love, kids, outside, outdoors, pnw, pacific northwest,

It’s a tiny lake but breathtaking and serene. There are campgrounds right on the lake so you can camp if you like.

But though it was a perfectly sunny day, It was only 2 degrees Celsius so I would probably wait for late spring or summer. The campgrounds are maintained and patrolled by Parks BC. Word to the wise, Have $18.00 cash handy if you’re going to start a fire! (This story is for another post altogether)

Overall, We loved discovering a new lake as a family  today. We also revelled in the fact we got to sat and had lunch and laughed together. This is what it’s all about for us. As, the hours past and I looked at these two humans, my heart has never been more full. I cherish every moment I get to be present with them.

Cherish your family and go play outside.

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41 thoughts on “British Columbia Family Day – Exploring

  1. That’s so cool that you do that! We bought an RV last summer with the idea that we were going to head out to the lake every weekend but so far we’ve only gone once. We learned that I don’t like the lake lol. But also, the weather has been unusually cold and wet and that’s not really fun. But this summer we have grand plans!

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  2. That is such serene landscape! I’m not much of an outdoor girl (allergic to everything out there), but I love looking at pictures of the outdoors! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Absolutely beautiful views. The photo of the campsite looks a lot like the place I’ve gone camping with my family for the last 30 years. I’ve already got my next trip booked but it’s 5 months away, your pictures have helped with my missing the campground.

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