February Empties – Mostly Skincare Products

Hi Lovelies,

February just snucked up on me. 2018 is going so quickly but so many amazing things are happening it’s great.

Today, I wanted to share some of my empties so far. These are products I simply can’t get enough of! I realized most of this is skincare. Skincare is starting to be front and center in my life as my skin ages. I’m trying to PRESERVE rather than PREVENT when it comes to my skin.February Empties

Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Impurities Elimination Scrub – Charcoal.

I usually use this 2-3  per week when I really need to give my face a DEEP Clean. This works for oily to combination skin. I feel as though this unclogs your pores and get rid of all the stubborn makeup residues left over even after you think your face is clean. I’m always so surprised this. The micro beads are a gently exploilant and the gel lathers really well. Sad note though, I don’t think we will be able to get this in Canada anymore as there is a ban on Microbeads starting July 1, 2018.

Soap & Glory – The Scrub Of Your Life.

Soap Queen

speaking of Microbeads, You need this in your shower before July 1,2018. I loved this, smells AH-MAZZZ-ING! I can’t pin point the smell but it’s a hint of vanilla and florally goodness. Lathers really well and moisturizes your skin. I feel so luxurious after I get out of the shower. A total must have.

M.A.C. Prep + Prime FIX+ – Finishing Mist.


This is a must have in my make up routine. There are so many setting sprays on the market butI find this one really works for me and actually lock my makeup look and keep it in tact throughout  the day. It’s also super soothing spray for those hot days without makeup as well.

NIVEA Firming Body Oil.305a1f32-b0b1-46e6-8da0-7abe42187a77

I originally received this in a PR package and as since purchased it a number of time. I love using the firming Body Oil after my showers’ find it helps to keep my skin moisturized and soft. But for the claims of skin firming – I don’t find that it firms my skin personally. It’s a nice non greasy body oil and it smells light and fresh.

Lise Waiter – Solution Express Makeup wipes.Lise Watier

These are 3 in 1 make up wipes. They remove makeup, moisturizes skin, and cleanses. These are great for those late nights when you want to remove your makeup quickly. The wipes are very moisturizing and gets most of your makeup off. Not all but most, They are on par with most makeup wipes I’ve tried before but these are by far my favourite.


Grace & Stella – Energizing Facial Masks (NANO GOLD)Gold Mask

Face Mask are my new favorite for the year. And gold face masks are right up there. I bought these off amazon on a whim over Christmas.  There were 6 in the pack and I fell in love instantly, they left my face feeling soooo soft and smooth and THEY’RE GOLD!


What were some of your favorites in the past weeks?london fog,winter boots, the bay, mission bc blogger,vancouver blogger,


23 responses to “February Empties – Mostly Skincare Products”

  1. A ban on the micro beads!? Thats different and also kinda cool! I’ve not heard of anyone doing that before!

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    1. Apparently thy are non bio degradable and bad for the environment! I was surprised as well. I’ll have to smuggle some of my beauty favorites across the border.


  2. that gold mask ….
    come on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s an all time favorite


  3. That gold mask is everything. I’ve been using this skin care kit the past few weeks and it’s been interesting. I’ve had a couple of breakouts but my skin is SO SMOOTH which I’m not used to… I was using a mix of moisturizer and avocado oil but I’m giving this other stuff a try for now. Also I’ve been going through different cuticle oils and lotions to see what I want to get rid of.

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    1. I heard Avocado oil is really great for the skin and acts as a natural sunscreen. I take such horrible care of my nails it’s so sad. I’ve been meaning to try a cuticle oil but haven’ gotten around to it. I’m going to head over and scroll through your blog to see which you recommend.


  4. Once again, tons of great products! I have yet to try a gold mask but certainly intrigued!!!

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    1. You’ll love it. and also…they’re gold !!


  5. Microbeads are sooooo bad for the environment. I’m so glad they are banning them. It’s literally contributing to filling our oceans with plastic. I boycotted anything with microbeads years ago.

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    1. I had no idea for some reason I thought they broke down naturally, But all the research i’ve been reading has been so sad. ignorance is not always blissful. Glad i’m better aware now.


  6. I love seeing empty posts but I never can get my act together to do one. The gold mask is just great on you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally know what you mean. This is my first one. I usually through everything out before I remember to blog about it.


  7. You are so good in finishing. This is the side of beauty blogging I can’t really catch up with lol

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  8. I need to find that gold mask, because I will sit at work with it on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s a great mask! trust me you will love it. Also, that’s awesome you can wear a mask while working.


  9. The gold mask looks so cool. I need to get one!

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    1. They’re actually really great. I was so skeptical at first.

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  10. I am definitely going to have to try that gold mask! So cool!

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  11. My face needs an energy drink!!! I always enjoy gold masks.

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    1. I totally feel there. Skincare is fast becoming important to me because…I’m aging😂😂


  12. I need to try some of these!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes you do! You’ll love them. The gold mask is the best!!


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