Le Fizz Bath Fizzer by Zoella Beauty

Disclosure: This was sent to me from Chickadvisor.com

Hello Hello!

As the self proclaimed queen of self care! I had to share with you a recent discovery! YAY! I received this Zoella Beauty fragranced Bath Fizzer as a gift from Chickadvisor. I’ve had it for quite some time and had tested it out.  At first glance without even reading the package I thought, CHOCOLATE!Zoella Bath Fizzer


But, no it’s not chocolate and I loved how there is a sticker clearly stating ” DO NOT EAT!” so i’m not the only one.Zoella Bath Fizzer


Zoella Beauty was started by famous youtube guru Zoella and features a wide array of self care products. I’ve never tried any of her products so naturally I was beyond excited to test this bath Fizzer out. Zoella Bath Fizzer

This product is beautifully packaged in soft pink and gold paper and just ever so gentle says luxury and relaxation awaits.  I received the Macaron scented fizzer. Which is a soft scent with undertones of musk and vanilla.Zoella Bath Fizzer


Once open the actual product looks a little like chocolate. with once again warning of “DO NOT EAT” You are able to break off a huge chunk or smaller pieces for you your bath.

The fizzer worked amazing and helped relaxed me during my bath time. the sweet aroma of the fizzer filled the bathroom but it wasn’t an over powering scent, just light and airy.  I was quite impressed by the fizzer as I had zero expectations but I think these would make great gifts for all the ladies in my family.


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