Ink Drawing: Treasure

Last Sunday I had so much fun recording a podcast with Cat Forsley from and mylipaddiction podcast. The actual podcast will be out a week from today Wednesday September 27th. After chatting with Cat, I realized I haven’t been sharing quite as much of my art and photography on the blog as I should.

Mainly because I was thinking, well would want to see that if they are here for beauty? Wrong attitude right? We are so multi-faceted we do not only read beauty blogs or care about beauty products 100% of the time. So I’ve made a decision to schedule in some art into my postings weekly.  I’ll talk about what i’m sharing and why. Kind of like a little artist talk.  I think i will be so fun.

So let’s start today.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of ink drawings. The reason being, i’m doing these in my sketch book at the kitchen counter. It’s a fun easy way to just zone out and let your creative juices flow. Ink drawing is also an ancient form of zen meditation. I created this beautiful woman and named her “Treasure”. why Treasure? Because i’m finally learning how to TREASURE time, TREASURE the people in my life. I thought it would be the best name for the peice because all i was thinking of while creating is how lucky i am at this current stage of my life and i was treasuring that sacred moment. Also, I’ve incorparted her into my new logo….TREASURE!!!!



keep carefully (valuable or valued ).
Keep treasuring the little things in life.

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