Home: Bits + Bobs

With the recent move comes new home decor pieces, little bits and bobs you put into the new place to make it feel like home. Usually, when I move I do a huge purge and end up throwing out things that I may or may not have needed. This blog is just a quick look at some affordable pieces I’ve used to spruce up the new place and help make it feel more like a home.

1. Cement Planters with Geometric DesignHomesense/Winners 

I picked up these flower pots at Homesense on a whim. I know the colour scheme I wanted to go with is GREY! GREY! GREY! soft and neutrals.  These pots are made from cement with delicate triangles painted in a soft baby pink and gold design. So modern and so chic. I opted to plant some plants I bought at the Abbotsford Flea Market in them and I’m super happy with the results.

Cement Planters
Cement Planters

2. Vintage Inspired  First Aid Metal Cannister  – Simons

This lovely canister from Simons is the best way to organize all the pharmaceuticals under the sink. Or a lovely way to have all the first aid items in one place. This was also super affordable and on sale for $11.00 I think! Win.

3. Shower Curtain – Tahari Home CollectionWinners/Homesense

Continuing with my very gray theme into the washroom, this lovely shower curtain is so chic, especially with the timeless design. love!

Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain

4. Diamond shaped Shower Curtain Rings – Winners/Homesense

Loved these shower curtain rings too. But, they didn’t work as well as I thought they would. They kept falling off whenever you would pull the shower curtain back and forth. The boys complained so I opted to change these out. They are great to look at but not very functional.

5. Indoor Plants Lowes Canada

The number one indoor plant for 2017 is the palm. We are trying to bring a freshness to the living room with the Majesty Palm also purchased at Lowe’s Canada.  If you have high ceilings I do suggest getting the 10″ palm it looks amazing!

Thank you for reading, What are some items you’d suggest to spruce up a home? Where do you do your affordable home decor shopping. Let me know in the comments.



4 responses to “Home: Bits + Bobs”

  1. Nice Pieces. So chic simple and affordable.

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    1. Thank you so much.


  2. Love the cement planters from winners! What a lucky find.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! there were really affordable as well. I lugged them through the mall, so heavy.


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