Westminister Abbey + Abbotsford Flea Market.


Westminister Abbey – Mission B.C

On my latest Fraser Valley adventure we went to Westminster Abbey.  I was in awe of how secluded yet magnificent this cathedral was. Perched atop of a hill in Mission over looking the Valley. I couldn’t tell you the last time I sat in a church, but I took some time to sit in the church and watch the light play delicately off the stained glass windows and ceiling. This is a Fraser Valley must see. We walked around the grounds and took in the great country air. The grounds are well kept and of course I had a mini photo shoot.



Abbotsford Flea Market

I heard the Abbotsford Flea Market had some really interesting vendors and is one of the biggest Flea Markets in the Valley. The opening time for the market is 6am! which let’s be real I’m not even awake yet on a Sunday but fear not the Market is on until at least 5pm. The area a variety of vendors, Farmers selling produce, Artisans, Antique dealers, Food, crafters you name it. it’s a mishmash of all things. I was mostly interested in plants for sale and vintage items. There is one main building with everything from soap makers to people selling geodes. There is an outbuilding with mostly tools and machinery for sale, there is a vintage items as well.

And then you head into the parking lot where there are farmers selling fresh B.C. grown produce. There are also farmers selling plants of all variety a flat of marigolds which had 10 beautiful plants were only $10.00. I got a couple I’ve missed the planting season and won’t be doing any major planting this year. There are Antique dealers and trust me you can find just about anything you can think of in this parking lot. And then of course there is just plain and simple junk!

I had quite a fun time at the flea market and probably will be going back again now that I know what to expect.


What I bought-

An Ironman Bath Bomb ( For Ben)

A vintage T-shirt

Two Marigold and one Tropical plant

Three Vintage Watkins Tins (for decor)

A Foot manicure set new in the box.

I would suggest it as a fun place to go if you’re up for a little adventure in the Fraser Valley region. Bring cash – Bartering may help get you some good deals.

Photoshoot – LOL! Because I’m extra!

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