BITE Beauty Lip pencil

First things first! I’m beyond excited to be testing out BITE Beauty first ever line of Lip Pencils! And they are absolutely Fab!! I received these products complimentary for testing from HOWEVER, the opinions provided are my own and my feedback is without bias.

You all know i’m unhealthily obsessed with lipsticks and lip products. I simply cannot help myself. Imagine my amazement when I received the BITE LIP PENCIL VOX BOX from influenster. I died!! And went to lipstick heaven!!

The colour range of pencils is great for both the darkest of skin tones to the fairest skin tones and all the olive goodness in between.

The formula of these pencils are bar none. They are highly pigmented goes on smooth and the formula is consistent for all day wear. The Lip Pencil is pigmented enough so you are able to wear these as your lipsticks. SERIOUSLY!!! this is a major win for me as I find most lip pencil can’t stand the test of the eight hour work day. I know this because I’ve tried it.

The two colours I was lucky enough to test were: 044 and 020. I also received two lipsticks a nice light shade called “Honeysuckle” and a darker shade called “Whiskey”.

The darker lipstick was more suited to my skin tone but with my 040 Lip Pencil and Honeysuckle lipstick – BAM!! – an amazing ombré Lip.

Ombré lips are my fashion staple so you all know this was heaven for me. Bite Beauty can be found at Sephora and . I’m excited to try a couple more of their gorgeous lipsticks and lip pencils especially going into the spring summer months. There are quite a few gorgeous reds, pinks and tangerine undertones to choose from. If you all have checked out the BITE lip pencil line. Let me know which are your favourites in the comments below.


Happy Reading,


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