WOWZA! 25 days of Craft update

It would’ve been easy for me to cheat and put up pics of things I’ve already done and pass them off as crafts of the day but I took a oath of honesty to myself in 2009, and I can’t go back on it plus my conscience is pretty brutal to me. My 25 days of crafts idea came to a halt with life and everything that happens around here. As a stay at home mom it’s nearly impossible to spend time doing things for myself.  At the end of my day i just want to pass out. Also I don’t know if this happens for others but nothing ever happens until i have stuff planned to do. And without going into too much details. A whole lot has been happening in my personal life.

But, I did promise 25 days of craft…It may not be 25 days of consecutive craft as usually agreed upon but it will be 25 days of crafts non the less!


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