25 Days of Craft: What happened to Day 2?

So yesterday would’ve been Day 2, of my 25 days of craft challenge: I didn’t forget however It was game #7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs and being the avid Vancouver Canucks fan I was i spent the whole day anxious on edge and having a lot of difficulty focusing on my project. Needless to say we lost bitterly to the Boston Bruins, And to give them all the credit they deserve that Tim Thomas is a helluva goalie and the win was well deserved. However the after math of the mayhem and destruction that happened in downtown Vancouver was highly embarassing for the citizens of this city, Canada and true Vancouver Canucks fan. When I went for my morning walk I felt so ashamed and sadden to see the images spread  all over the newspapers. The worst part of it is our image as a city after the 2010 Olympics was one of sheer gold. Now, it’s a char remain of what was. Shame on the hooligans and anarchist that came out with one intention lastnight RIOT! I strongly believe Win or lose…The outcome of the riots would’ve been the same.

But anyways.. Day 2 and Day 3 of 25 days of craft will be posted later today.


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