5 ways to self-care without spending a penny!

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Self-care is important and if we have some time it’s a great idea to incorporate self-care in our lives. Mental health awareness is in the forefront of the mainstream and many companies have taken the opportunity to surreptitiously market products geared towards us in the name of self-care. I feel we should be mindful of this and perhaps expand the conversation to include ways we can self-care without spending money.

I would like to share five activities you are able to partake in at zero cost to you. These may help you to connect with yourself, practice mindfulness or just simply de-stress. This is by no means a comprehensive list but here are a few ways I choose to self-care.


1. Gardening

The act of gardening is a great way to nurture, relax , de-stress and grow something beautiful. Whether you have space for a large garden, a plot at a community garden, a tiny spot of land or perhaps one or two pots of plants to tend to. Gardening is a great way to disconnect from our devices and become one with nature and the earth.  The feel of dirt between your fingers and watching your plants grow gives a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

2. Meditation

Meditation is a really great way to self-care. I find meditation quiets the mind and helps eases my anxiety. Meditating does not have to be very long. You may choose whether you’d like to meditate for five minutes or five hours that’s the beauty of it. Taking some time just for yourself to focus your mind, creates inner calm and practice mindfulness.

There are varying forms of meditation and if you’d like to incorporate technology into your meditative practice there are a few free apps I would recommend.

  • Headspace
  • Simple Habit


3. Journaling

Jotting down thoughts or simply just writing about something that has been weighing heavy on you helps to alleviate the weight of the problem. This won’t take your issues away but, The act of journaling your thoughts gives clarity of mind and helps you to regain control over anxious thoughts, stress or helps to organize your thought process for better mental wellness.

4. Exploring Nature.

Nature is the best medicine. Heading outside into the elements and really being PRESENT  is  to me, the greatest form of self-care. I love to take time to listen to the sounds of nature. The wind rustling between the leaves of the tree, the crunching sounds the ground makes when your feet hits the earth. And my all time favourite part of being out in nature the sound of water over rocks. Exploring nature helps to provide excersise as well as calm. Sometimes walking along I work out thoughts that have been buried deep in the recess of my mind.

5. Spending Quality Time

While the self-care tips I’ve offered are largely focused on being alone. I find spending some quality time with others is a good way of forming great connections through conversations and connections. Spending time  with family and friends just very casual or going out together and having a good time is such an amazing way to shake it off and reconnect.


Do you actively practice self-care? I’m interested to know what are some zero cost ways you practice self-care?

3 responses to “5 ways to self-care without spending a penny!”

  1. These are all great ways to self-care! ❤️


    1. Thank you so very much


  2. […] PS. I have written a similar post to this two years ago which you can read here. […]


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