10 Tough Life Lessons I’ve Come to Embrace.

Hi Lovelies,

This weekend I had some time to reflect and I was thinking about 10 life lessons, I’ve learned along the way and I wanted to share them with you. Most of these are tough but oh, so necessary.

10. Don’t Settle.blogger, just natoya, natoyaista, blogger, black blogger, vancouver blogger, canadian blogger, fashion, plus size fashion, mom boss, photographer, photography, nature photography

This is a big one but a very important life lesson which we usually forget. This is YOUR life and you are in control of how most of the situations will play out. In my younger years I’ve always been a person who caves under the pressure and was a bit of a pleaser. But, In the most recent years I’ve come to understand and accept that even though it’s tough. NO is just as acceptable as YES. Not settling for what others want you to do but doing what makes you feel more at peace and is in line with your moral compass. Which leads to the next point.

9. NO is not a BAD Word.blogger, just natoya, natoyaista, blogger, black blogger, vancouver blogger, canadian blogger, fashion, plus size fashion, mom boss

No, No, No, NOOOO! Nope! No is not a bad word, It’s a necessary to be able to say no. Sometimes, it’s so hard saying no to people we love but to protect your sanity and your own inner peace it’s okay to say no and walk away from situations which makes you feel less than.

8. Express yourself freely!

this one is simply but executing it is a little difficult. If you’ve ever been worried about how people perceive you.  Just stop and let it out. it’s time to express yourself and do so freely. i used to be so afraid to share my blog or even my YouTube channel with friends and family members. But, now it doesn’t phase me. This is one of my many creative outlets and I’m expressing myself freely.

7. Cut ties with negative people and situations.

Some people are not able to tag along for the whole ride and that’s just fine. But, this is your journey and you may need to shed some baggage along the way. Feel free to express to long time non supportive friends and sometimes family members that you may need to take your path in life seriously and focus on your growth. This means you may simple need to severe some ties and burn some bridges..which is not always a bad thing.

6. Positive Affirmations really do work.

Many mornings, I’ve had to look at the woman in the mirror and let her know she is doing a good job and everything is going to be okay. Positive affirmations over your life and life situations is important. think of you life as a garden whatever you plant in the garden you will reap. But, only if you tend to the crop and make certain it’s nurtured or els, nothing will grow. This is the same for your thoughts.

5. Visualize – Create a Vision Board.justnatoya. natoyaista, studio natoyaista, pinterest

Vision boards are so important as most of us are visual learners. especially in an age of so much imagery being projected at us all the time. Think about achievable goals you want to complete and then go about physically creating a vision board or better yet, create a Pinterest board. Look at your vision board every morning and every night. Visualizing is essential because I’m a strong believer of if you can SEE IT you can ACHIEVE IT.

4. Don’t let others use your pass to hold you hostage.just natoya, west vancouver, vancouver blogger, blogger, natoyaista,

The pass is behind you and you are most likely not going back there. You’ve changed your life and made sure not to make the same mistakes. But, there are people who knew the old you and are determined to keep you in your past. i’s your pass and it’s not who you are NOW. Don’t let people hold you hostage with things you’ve done in your pass. Accept your mistakes and move forward. You’re on your way to being amazing.

3. Sometimes strangers become your family.

Strangers become huge supporters and even like family. I’ve met some of the most amazing people purely accidental on the internet through blogging and I’m proud to say that some of those people are a like family to me. Which is so amazing since we are all connected in so way, shape or form.

2. Be Consistent

Be consistent in all that you do, a routine is always better than a rut. I find if you are able to do something at least 8 days in a row it becomes a wonderful routine you look forward to. Routines are not all bad, They help to set some order to your life and keep you on track and you always have something to look forward to.

1. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.just natoya, natoya, natoyaista, flower, photographer,vancouver, vancouver blogger.

Love is so wonderful and it’s free. Spreading love and kindness is easy, open your heart up to receive love as well as sending love. Once you’ve done this, you feel a sense of weightlessness. Love is free, Kindness is also free, Keeping an open mind and loving heart is the ultimate lesson in life.


What are some lessons you’ve learned along the way.


Happy Reading,

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44 thoughts on “10 Tough Life Lessons I’ve Come to Embrace.

  1. Great list, and ceetainly an evolution we all go through as we age and focus on what matters. I’d add a career lesson that I embraced at 40 last year – while there’s always room to learn and improve – own your success, confidence and expertise. We spend so much time paying our dues that we look up and realize…it’s time to pay it forward!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I strongly disagree that these are cliche but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
      There are still a ton of us out there still not able to

      -Just say no
      – Sticking with negative people and bad situations
      – allowing others to hold us hostage with our past.
      -And not expressing ourselves….

      to name a few. But being positive is great!


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