New Video Alert!

Hello Lovelies,

With all the changes to youtube terms and conditions. I decided to revive my now dead youtube channel. Back in December of 2010. I posted my first video with me and then a very cute baby Benjamin. Since then I’ve sort of grown and gone through some changes with the channel. lately, it had just been left dormant.  I want to revive my channel and give it one last go you know.

Especially since youtube is changing a lot of things for creators. So here is my first video of 2018. A HAUL video. Please leave me some feedback on topics you would like me to cover or what you would like to see me making videos about. Also, don’t forget to subscribe. I’m trying to make it to a thousand subscribers.


Happy Watching,

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4 responses to “New Video Alert!”

  1. WoooHoooo
    subbbbbing YEAH

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    1. Thanks a bunch ❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks so much

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