Reddy To Go – M.A.C. – Velvetease Lip Pencil

Disclosure: I purchased this item

Who doesn’t love a good red lipstick for fall? I live for a nice luscious red lipstick!26a21d45-e888-4fc4-8fea-59432a18b973

I recently found this MAC VelveTease lip pencil amongst my makeup. I’ve literally had it for over 2 years and never wore it! 🙈🙈 How?? I gave it a try in the weekend and I love, love, love it!  Goes on so smooth and effortless. I can see why it’s called velvet tease. The formula is reminiscent of smooth soft velvet. And wears for several hours.



This is what surprised me most, even through eating masses of apples at an orchard, drinking cider and eating my face off at Thanksgiving.  my lipstick never went anywhere.

Reddy to go - M.A.C.
Reddy to go – M.A.C. Velvetease Lip Pencil

You are able to wear it as a lip pencil or use it as an all over lip colour. I’m not sure if they still make this, But if they do! you need it. It came in a variety of colours.

Reddy to go - M.A.C.
Reddy to go – M.A.C. – Velvetease Lip Pencil

This was a short but sweet post! I just needed everyone know how fab this lipsticks. I still can’t believe i’m just finding this.  I’m  REDDY TO GO! 💄👄💋.

Happy Reading

Natoya xoxo


5 responses to “Reddy To Go – M.A.C. – Velvetease Lip Pencil”


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    1. It’s honestly the best!

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  2. that’s such a beautiful red lipstick!! I love the colour for Fall!


  3. I love the mac velvetease lip pencils, I have the same one and it really looks good on women of colour.


    1. It’s such a pretty shade. It’s perfect for any season.❤️❤️❤️


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