You’re Beautiful! 

We all care about what others think of us even if we say we don’t. The difference is do you let what others perceive of  you negatively affect you in any way? Personally, I don’t honestly! I do care what others think but it holds no bearings on my reality. And this is something I had to learn the hard way.

Body Positive - Model Natoya Ellis
Body Positive

This brings me to the new skin I’m in. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. Most of it is due to laziness and inactivity and some due to health. Either way, being big is not on trend! But who cares? THIS IS MEEE! Take it or leave it, LOVE IT❤️ or not. I was feeling a little poopy for the way I looked and decided to take myself on a mini photo shoot!

Being a big woman or girl is not a hindrance to your beauty.  Thinking you’re anything less than beautiful is what’s holding most of us back.  I just wanted to quickly share these images and remind you to believe in yourself and love yourselves how you would like someone else to love you. It’s the age old message of body positivity but sometimes we forget.

So here’s a gentle reminder, I think you’re beautiful! Even if you don’t really see it at this moment. You are so beautiful!


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