Wine in a CAN!!!

Today I made an amazing discovery. WINE IN A CAN! Wine in anything is amazing but wine in w can is simply the best invention ever.
I discovered Big House Wine Company – The Birdman – Pinot Grigio at the checkout of our local B.C. Signature liquor store. I decided to try the Pinot Grigio and Zinfandel. Each wine comes in a 4oz. can with a caption reading

” two glasses of wine in one can!”
C’mon! Unless I’m filling my glass too much but 4 oz. is just a glass.


Moving on to taste. Now, I’m no expert. And I by no means had any expectations. So there is no wine snobbishness to account for. Just a mama who loves her wine.

The Pinot Grigio was smooth with hints of fruit flavours. I honestly loved it. I would certainly buy this agian. Perfect for picnics, the bus, soccer practices! I’m obviously joking about the last two. Don’t  take my word for it… Check it out for yourself.

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