Subscription Box Issues – Ipsy

I decided to try the new craze of subscription boxes. Ipsy and Birchbox seem to be the two that people go for so I subscribed to both. I was excited eagerly awaiting my subscription boxes. Ipsy came first In a bright metallic pinkish/purple bubble envelope. my excitement was short lived however as the liquid from the hair spray had leaked out into the envelope and saturated everything. When I opened the bag it wreaked of the product I was really disappointed.
Aroura Gel Nail Polish I took a few photos then contacted Ipsy Care ( customer service) about the damaged goods. Ipsy Care was so good about it, A person named Peach replied within and few hours and due to the nature of the damage agreed to send me a brand new glam bag. I was sent the tracking information of the new glam bag.

I was perturb as the order was processed and uploaded into the shipping company and ready to be picked up. I checked back three days later and it still hadn’t had any activity on the shipping. finally five days later the bag was picked up from the Ipsy warehouse, shipped to Canada then shipped back to the States. Back to Canada and is still “in transit” from Ontario….long story short I haven’t seen this bag in my mailbox yet. I want to give Ipsy the benefit of the doubt because the one item that I did try from the glam bag was actually a really nice product…but for my first time testing Ipsy out. I’m loosing faith.

in my next blog I will talk about my Birchbox. Hopefully by then my replacement glam bag will have turned up.

Gel like finish nail polish
Gel like finish nail polish


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