December 22, 2004

Our love transcended time.

We were interlocked mentally,

two people of the same frame of mind.

He conquered me like a football player

on the defensive.

wrestled me to the ground and spoke his poetry

into my ear.

His air blazed my fire to red hot proportions.

head banged against the car windscreen.

post concussed, dishevelled emotions.

our fights intensified and feelings got hurt.

I turned my back on our love and deserted him.


He told me I had much to learn.

I refused to settle.

And flew from his nest without much concern.

But deep down our love was too good.

Too sweet,  his sugar made my teeth rot.


but I carry him in my heart always.

pull him out and look at him occasionally.

Pray he’s safe.

and all his dreams become true.

sitting under the tall tree of knowledge.

hoping he’ll tell all about this love which transcended time and space.

the memories we would never erase from our mind.

our love happened at the wrong time.


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