Indecisive decisions

oh lawd Maude.

After much indecisive thoughts, I’ve decided that I’m my own set back.  I’m holding my self back from all the awesome things I can be, Because of fear. I’m not afraid to admit that i’m overly insecure in decisions on how to make a living.  With that being said. I’m going to create, Because that’s all I know. And it is what I went to college for. So stay turned for some Awesome artwork and creations from yours Truly.

Stay Fresh


3 responses to “Indecisive decisions”

  1. Lauren Brevner Avatar
    Lauren Brevner

    Cant wait 😉


  2. i was never good at proof reading either…i meant stay tuned! instead of turned!


  3. Lauren Brevner Avatar
    Lauren Brevner

    I didnt even notice till you point it out lol. Soooo, working on anyhting?? I really want to see some of your stuff!!


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