Updates and YouTube

Hello. Lovelies,

Recently, I’ve been uploading quite a bit of content to YouTube as I find it easier to do so rather than writing a blog post. Somehow it’s just simpler to explain things in a video.  I still haven’t decided whether i’ll continue to upload through YouTube or do more post here. Perhaps a mixture of both would be the perfect happy medium.

I had taken basically the whole summer off blogging and was doing quite a bit of “insta-blogging” But who’s reading those long ass captions? LOL! certainly not me. I want to continue to bring you all the best, honest content I can create and that simply means just being myself.

Who Am I? Well, I think I have a pretty good idea being 33 and all. But, I’m so much more than just a “Beauty Blogger” my interests vary widely and I will be sharing all my many interests with you on the blog.

From Business, Art, Lifestyle, Beauty, Activism to Motherhood. There is a reason this site is called “justnatoya.com” and not something like “beautybynatoya.com” It’s just me and my many interest. Thank you guys for your continued support. It never seizes to amaze me how perfect strangers can come together and form a great community.


Here are three of my latest YouTube videos for you to watch while I rustle up some content for you folks.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette – Ruby

Soon Skincare – Micro Hole HydroGel Hydrating Mask

Exploring Tofino 



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14 responses to “Updates and YouTube”

  1. I don’t do enough video. I hate how I sound in them! I tend to watch a lot of other bloggers’ videos though.


    1. I used to be this way too. I would cringe at the sound of my voice or how goofy I became when I forgot the camera was there 🤣


  2. I also like to keep my range of topics broad so i can cover all things I like. But I hate doing videos, lol. I find that I ramble and editing makes me want to cry or pull my ahir out


    1. Omgosh! I totally hear ya! Editting is actually the worst. 😫🤣🤣


  3. I’ve enjoyed the videos I’ve watched of yours. I’ve never done one and have no plans to but I admire others who do.


    1. Thank you so much.


  4. I do both videos and blogs. They are complimentary. Some things are better said and shown in video, some are better in blog. Plus both caters to separate audience but with the same wants/needs.


    1. This is so true. Doing both is the best way to reach a broad yet likeminded audience.


  5. I do both as well! Somethings are just better on one than the other or good on both!


  6. My Nail Polish Obsession Avatar
    My Nail Polish Obsession

    I really should try to do videos, they bring in a lot of traffic. I tend to stick to a few subjects on my blog but would love to add more product reviews and lifestyle posts!


  7. I never read long captions on Insta. Just not what I go on there for.


  8. I agree with the ease of YouTube! I really need to try it more! I hope you still post here too!


  9. Lol, I’m with you on the long Insta captions — is rather a YT or blog post instead of those!


  10. I am a not really an youtube person. I personally prefer blog posts any day. But I can’t even deny the fact that it is easier to explain things in a video rather than on a blog post. Good Luck for your days on Youtube 🙂


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