No One

I am nobody. I am no one. I am unknown. my existance is mondain. my life is routine. I am no one. nobody unknown. a part of the machine. replaceable. I am nobody. unknown. going with the ebb and flow the push and the pull I am unknown no body, noone settled in the routine. collective [...]

..on poor timing.

I wish it could all be so different, I somehow always miss the mark. Arriving a little too soon or way too late. I'm sure this one will deliver, A crushing blow. I brace myself.

December 22, 2004

Our love transcended time.We were interlocked mentally,two people of the same frame of mind.He conquered me like a football playeron the defensive.wrestled me to the ground and spoke his poetryinto my ear.His air blazed my fire to red hot proportions.head banged against the car concussed, dishevelled emotions.our fights intensified and feelings got hurt.I turned [...]