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I’ve Been M.I.A – But not really.

Hello Guys, It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated this blog. I’m so sorry for the radio silence but sometimes I get into a space where I feel as though I don’t want to write or share We all get like that from time to time. But even though I’ve been Missing In Action.

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Jeans for Tall Women – Old Navy

Natoya's Jeans - Old Navy

Couple weeks ago, ย I stopped by Old Navy to get my son some pants. He’s now seven and growing like a weed. It’s so interesting to see how fast kids grow. I feel as though I’m forever buying pants. I’ve never actually bought myself anything at Old Navy but I had to since I had

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Muse – Love yourself

Lately, I’ve been feeling less than positive about the way I look.ย It could be the change in the season, Spring is always a rude awakening for most of us. It signals bikini season is just around the corner. And perhaps it’s time to get that body in shape and fast. With the warmer weather comes

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“Lately, I’ve been loosing sleep!”

For the past couple of weeks I can’t seem to get into the right head space creatively. I’ve even tried meditation, but nothing.. I don’t understand what’s causing this blockage. But I’ve started exercises, like forcing myself to draw, read, brainstorm ideas for projects. The result of which is I’m up all night trying to

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